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NIQC International is one of India’s leading Business and Operations Strategy Training & Consulting firm, which began its operations in 2008. Since its’ inception its goal is to spread awareness of quality across the globe by training and certifying professionals in the concept of Lean and Six Sigma at an affordable price.
We cater to both National and International Customers, Our customer base spreads across the globe including India, UK, US, Middle East, Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore & Malaysia. We have one of the largest pool of Master Black Belts as trainers from different business domain with immense knowledge and expertise in Lean Six Sigma methodology.


Training, Certification & Consultation

NIQC International provides Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification Programs to individuals who are keen to upgrade their skills or professionals who behold the passion to nurture in the field of quality or process excellence. We provide various levels of certifications from Yellow belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Lean Manager and Master Black Belt based on their eligibility or skill levels.
NIQC Internationals also assist organizations with all aspects of the implementation process from training to certifying employees at various levels of belts like Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Lean Manager. We help companies in projects right from identifying various projects scopes within the organization, to completion and implementation.

We are committed to create awareness of quality and our Vision is to be a leader in developing quality culture of Continuous Improvement across organization even in the smallest form globally

  • To Empower professionals with the Tools and Techniques of Continuous Improvement to help them create a world of Quality with our training & certification programs
  • To Empower organizations globally with the power of Continuous Improvement methodologies to help them achieve a break through success
  • Integrity
    Integrity is not just a value it’s a culture of NIQC. We believe to be transparent and honest in everything we do.
  • Innovation
    We listen to our customer’s problem, understand the business and provide creative, out of box solutions through practical, strategic and innovative ideas
  • Quality
    Quality is in everything we do, from training to consultation they have been carefully and strategically planned with highest standards of quality.
  • Leadership
    Leadership is not about position it’s about action of leading by examples, it is this quality that encourages us to help organizations shape a better future.
  • Teamwork
    We believe in the fact “alone we walk, together we fly” hence Teamwork is one of the key factor of success at NIQC.

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