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There are thousands of institutes globally providing Lean Six Sigma Training, then why choose NIQC International would be one of the questions arising in your mind to answer this we would like to confirm that NIQC International is an organization involved in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt​ Certification and Consulting Services for more than a decade.

  • Duration: 150+ Hrs
  • Best in class complete interactive training by a certified Master Black Belt
  • Free Re-training & Re-Exam for the benefit of our students
  • Flexibility of training (Online, Offline, Weekend or Weekday)
  • Project data, sample projects, and support to help individuals complete a Black Belt project successfully.
  • Job assistance in the form of Job leads, Resume Building & LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Free lifetime project support
  • Mock Interview Sessions regarding Lean Six Sigma 

Great career advancements/opportunities with Higher pay package

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Nurtures your Leadership Skills and improves your Social influence

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Enables you to link business objectives to performance parameters and outshine at your job

Why NIQC for Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CLSSBB) Training

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification, Registered under MSME, Member of the QualityCouncil Of India and Accredited by Council for Six Sigma.

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20 - 30 Hrs of Grooming Sessions to enhance your Professional Skills (Leadership, Interview Etiquette Excel, & PPT (Basic & Advanced), etc)

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25-30 Hrs of Job Assistance
in the form of Mock Interviews, Interview preparations, along with Job
referrals to all our alumni

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Assistance for simulated projects during BB session to get a hands-on experience of projects and all the tools and techniques

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Rewards & Recognition for the top performers (Top Performer Certificates - Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver & Bronze)

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Opportunity to get featured in the DN Press e-magazine with Top Performance, Professional Achievements, and Blogs

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Training from expert MBB's with 18 - 20 years of Industry experience

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Lifetime assistance to all our participants for their projects

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1 Globally recognized International certificates valid for a lifetime

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Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CLSSBB) by NIQC International

The Integrated program is a combination of Green Belt, Black Belt, and Lean Manager. This is a 128 Hrs. training module that has been custom designed for our participants to become experts in all the Lean & Six Sigma Concepts with a thorough knowledge and understanding of Six Sigma Tools and Lean principles. This program will enable the participants to get a true essence of both Six Sigma Methodologies and Lean Thinking Principles and become an expert not only in high-end six sigma tools like hypothesis test, FMEA, QFD, etc, analyze and conclude the test results easily but also in identifying and eliminating waste or non-value-added processes or services and create a people-centric process that maximizes the value flow to the customers.

What Our Students Say About Us

Instructor’s knowledge and presentation skill with life experience, one of the best instructors .The explanations were clear, concise and to the point and the pace was comfortable to follow. The examinations covered the most important topics and served as a good reminder of these. I give thumbs up to the instructor and NIQC for providing guidance to build excellent career with process excellence training.

Swetha ram prasanna

Finished LSSGB certification with NIQC. Initially had few apprehensions on whether should I go for an online course with NIQC or wait for Covid-19 situation to improve for classroom training sessions. Without doubt, I can say I have made the correct decision to move ahead with NIQC. Detailed curriculum, Easy to use interface, Experienced trainers, Live exercises, Recorded sessions to revise, & all of the support required at disposal.

Abhishek Sharma

One of my friend referred NIQC International for Six Sigma course who was not a student of NIQC but he was a Six sigma black belt from other institute and I proudly say that I have not mistaken choosing NIQC. Shailja Mam is superb with lots of real life examples which we can corelate during the sessions. Overall nice experience with good notes. Thanks to Mr.Dheeren and Preeti. Cheers..

Mahesh Palakurthi

Instructor’s knowledge and presentation skill with life experience, one of the best instructors .The explanations were clear, concise and to the point and the pace was comfortable to follow. The examinations covered the most important topics and served as a good reminder of these. I give thumbs up to the instructor and NIQC for providing guidance to build excellent career with process excellence training.

Ahuja Rishabh

NIQC is an organization which provides world class training in niche certifications. The trainers are spectacular! they build an amicable environment where you would thrive to learn more. Content is vast and they explicitly cover it end to end. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family. I would rate them 10 stars if google had that option!! 🙂

Sebastian Djo

You set a high bar with your Quality Training Team NIQC. Shillaja was Amazing during the training and the entire team is always available to Help & Support. I would recommend each and everyone who is planning to take six sigma course in future to join Team NIQC. Thank you Shillaja, Dheerendra, Preethi & Entire team for the amazing experience you let us witness and experience. I thoroughly loved it 🙂

Sheena June

Some of the Companies That Recognise Six Sigma Black Belt Certifications

Course Inclusions

Basics of Six Sigma

Understand what is Six Sigma, Value of Six Sigma, Why Use Six Sigma over Other Methodologies, How Six Sigma Philosophy and Goals Should Be Applied, History of Six Sigma. Define Quality, Overview of Quality Approaches, Six Sigma Thinking, Six Sigma Transformation Approach. What it Means With Six Sigma, Six Sigma Metrics, Six Sigma Revolution – Current Users & More, Basic Statistics and Calculations, Measures of Centring, Sample Mean for a Distribution, Sample Median, Measures of Spread, Standard Deviation

Basics of Lean

Understand what is Lean, History of Lean. Understand what Muda is, Types of Muda (8 wastes) (Transport, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over Processing, Over Production, Defects, Skill Mismatch). Understand the concept and uses of 5S, Kaizen, Poka Yoke, Understand the concept of Takt time, its calculations and Lead time and its calculation, Lean Six Sigma – Differences, Benefits

Green Belt Day 1 – Pre Define Phase – 08 Hrs

Brief about Six Sigma, Six Sigma Levels, Roles & Responsibilities during projects, Who is a Customer, Types of Customers, Critical to Quality Roadblocks of Six Sigma, Understanding of project, Characteristics of a Good Project, Tools to Identify Projects, Six Sigma Levels, Roles & Responsibilities during projects

Green Belt Day 2 – Define Phase – 08 Hrs

Project Documentation, Defining the project (Project Charter – Business Case, Problem Statement/Opportunity Statement, Goal Statement, Project Scope and Boundaries, Project Benefits, Project Team, Project Timelines/Schedule), CAP Tools (ARMI & RASIC, Communication Plan, Stakeholder Analysis, Threats & Opportunity), Process Mapping (SIPOC / COPIS, Flow Chart shape & usage, Summary of Define Phase & Tollgate Review)

Green Belt Day 3 & 4 – Measure Phase – 12 Hrs

Describe & Establish Performance Standards, Measurement System Analysis (MSA), MSA Terminology, MSA Steps, Fixing equipment variation, Source of Variation, Identify Possible Causes, Prioritization of Possible Causes, Sampling, Sampling Technique, Sample Size, Sampling Calculation & Sampling Types, Data Collection Plan (What, How and Who will collect), Data Type, Data Source, Data Range, Time Period, Baseline Process Objectives (Normality, Stability & Capability).


Green Belt Day 4 & 5 – Analyse Phase – 12 Hrs

Process Analysis using Value Stream Mapping, Value Stream Analysis, Types of Non-Value-Added Works, Workflow & Time Allocation, Activity Workflow – Track the Unit Flow, 7 QC Tools, Logical Order of 7 QC Tools, Hypothesis testing, The Nature of Statistical Problem, Why do Hypothesis Testing, Nature of H0 & Ha, Criminal Trial Analogy, Decision Error & Types, Types of Hypothesis Tests


Green Belt Day 6 – Improve & Control – 8 Hrs


Set Improve Objectives, Improve Phase Actions, Characterization of X’s, PICK Chart, Prioritization Matrix, Control Impact Map of the vital X – Project, Solution Identification & Prioritization, Idea Generation, Solution Design Selection, Understand FMEA & Its Objectives, Severity of FMEA, Occurrence of FMEA, Detection of FMEA, when is FMEA Useful, Preparing FMEA, Identifying Cause, Rating and RPN, The Pilot – Proof of Concept, Running a Pilot


Statistical Process Control (SPC) / Statistical Quality Control (SQC),Variation, (Common Cause Variation, Special Cause Variation) , Control Charts, Types of Control Charts, Control Limits v/s Specification Limits, Process State. Understand Variable Control Charts, Assumptions for Variable Charts, IMR Charts, X-Bar R Chart, Discrete Control Charts – C Chart, U Chart, NP Chart, P Chart, Process Control System, Risk Management, Develop Control Plan, Develop Control Plan, Who Owns IT?, Control – Summary, Cost Benefit Analysis, Documentation & Project Handover, Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA), Document the details, Handover Project

Lean Manager Day 1 – 8 Hrs.

Understand Lean 6 sigma, Origin of Lean, Roles & Responsibilities, Focus area of Lean, Benefits of Lean 6 sigma, Gemba Walk, Lean Thinking Principals, Value of Lean 6 sigma, Muda, Mura, Muri, Waste Counter Measures, Value Stream Mapping & Symbols used in VSM.

Lean Manager Day 2 – 8 Hrs.

A3, Toyota Production System, JIT, Heijunka, Jidoka, Total Productive Maintenance, Standard Works, 5S & Visual Management including resistance to 5S & Red Tags, Visual Control (Andon Board), Theory of constraints, Kano Model, 5 whys, Kaizen Setup/change over reduction, Mistake proofing, Spaghetti Chart, Action workout, Pugh Metrics, Change Management Culture & Leadership, Stakeholder Summary of Lean Tools

Black Belt Day 1 & 2 – Predefine – 10 Hrs

Understanding of Quality, Types of Approaches to Measure Quality, Introduction to Various Approaches & Terminology (ISO, CMMI, COPC, Lean, Six Sigma, BPR, PDCA, PDSA, Balance Scorecard & KPI), Six Sigma History, Statistical Definition & Definition, Difference in Green Belt, Black Belt & Master Black Belt, Understanding of Project, Who is Customer, What is CTQ, What is VOC, Characteristic of Good Project, Idea to Commence Project, COPQ Analysis, Tools to Identify Projects (Kano, Brainstorming), VOC Prioritization Tools ( QFD ), Describe Project Financial Benefits Using ROI, ROA , Payback Cycle, NPV , CBA, Formation of Project Team Selection, Roadblocks of Six Sigma Implementation and Solution, Describe 7 Management & Planning Tools

Black Belt Day 2 & 3 – Define – 08 Hrs

Describe & Explain Project Snapshot & Documentation For Project, Understand & Design Project Charter Component, Business Case, Problem Statement, Goal Statement, Scope & Boundaries, Qualitative & Quantitative Benefits, Milestone For Each Phase Using Gantt Chart, CAP Tools, Role & Responsibility Alignment Using ARMI & RASIC, Stakeholder Analysis, Threats Vs Opportunity, Describe Process Map Using SIPOC, COPIS, Flow Chart, Work Instruction, Written Procedure, Tollgate Review, Preparation, Potential Failure, Communication Approach, Sign-off

Black Belt Day 3 & 4 – Measure – 14 Hrs

Describe how to establish Performance Standard (Operational Definition, Unit, Opportunity, Defect, Defective, Specification Limit), Introduction of Statistical Software Package (Minitab) & Various Functions. Measurement System Analysis (MSA), Analyse MSA for Discrete Data (Attribute Agreement Analysis), Analyse MSA for Continuous data (Gage R&R, Gage ANOVA), Explain Process of Plan, Do, Conduct & Analyse MSA, Identify Possible Causes Using Brainstorming, Represent Idea by Fishbone & Prioritize Using Control Impact Matrix, Design Data collection plan for various X & Y for Hypothesis Testing and Baseline Data, Understand Possible Failure & Impact, Describe Data Distribution Type, (Binomial Distribution, Poisson Distribution, Normal Student/ T Distribution, Z Distribution, Chi-square Distribution), Manual Calculation With Example Of Confidence Interval, Standard Error, Probability Density Function of Above Distributions), Understanding of Sample Size Calculation With Example, Describe Baseline Concept, Understand the Characteristic of Normality, Various Tools to Check Normality, For X & Y, Single & Multiple Population, Normality & Concept of Anderson Darling Normality Test, Describe Skewness & Kurtosis With Example And Target Value, Explain Importance of Stability, Special & Common Cause Variation, Tools to Measure Stability (I-mr Chart, Run Chart), Types of Run Chart, (Mixture, Cluster, Trend, Oscillation, Describe About Process Capability for Various Data Shape (Normal, Non-normal), Understand Capability indices (Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, Cpm) Data Transformation Using Box Cox Power Transformation, Johnson Transformation etc. Understand Capability Measure Using Minitab or Manual

Black Belt Day 5 & 6 – Analyse – 16 Hrs

Describe Process Analysis Using Value Stream Mapping (Value Add, Non-Value Add, Business Value Add, Cycle Time & Lead Time) Process Cycle Efficiency, VSM Example, 7 QC Tools with Example Practical in Minitab

(Flow Chart, Check-Sheet, Histogram, Pareto, Scatter Plot, Control Chart & Fishbone), Describe Box Plot in Minitab, Understand Calculation of Outliers, Explain Various Terminology Used in Box Plot and Examples, Describe What Is Hypothesis Testing, Hypothesis Concept, Criminal Trail Analogy, Producer & Consumer Risk, Type of Hypothesis, Null Hypothesis Ho & Alternate Hypothesis Ha, P Value Concept & Acceptance Criteria, Define, Select & Interpret The Result Of Hypothesis Testing For Continuous Project & Continuous Factor (YcXc), Define, Select & Interpret the Result of Hypothesis Testing For Continuous Project & Discrete Factor, YcXd, Describe Hypothesis Testing for Continuous Project & Discrete Factor, YcXd, Centering Related Test Parametric Test, Describe Hypothesis Testing for Continuous Project & Discrete Factor, YcXd, Centering Related Test-Nonparametric Test, Accumulate Result of Analyse Phase, Stakeholder Discussion & Agreement, Explain Summary Table Format, Describe and Define About Experiments, Experiment Objectives, Experimental Methods, Experiment, Introduction of Design of Experiment, Explain Factor, Level, Run, Effect, Response, Noise Factor, Experimental Run, Calculation of Required Experiments, Replication, Repeated Measure (Repetition), Confounding, Order (Run Order and Standard Order), Randomization, Blocking, Main Effects, Interaction Effects & Resolution (III, IV, V), Full Factorial Design and Fractional Factorial Design

Black Belt Day 7 – Improve – 8 Hrs

Describe and Explain Solution Generation Technique (Brainstorming, Anti-Solution, Card Method, Multi-Voting, Quality Function Deployment, Understand & Implementation of Lean Tools, Theory of Constraint (TOC), Heijunka, Jidhoka, 5S {SEIRI (Sort) SEITON (Set in Order) SEISO (Shine) SEIKETSU (Standardize) SHITSUKE (Sustain)}, Poka-Yoke, We Will Cover in Lean Management Training), Explain Prioritization of Solution Using Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) or PICK Chart (Potential, Implement, Consider, and Kill), PUGH Matrix, Heat MAP, Describe and Explain Risk Assessment Using FMEA (PFMEA, DFMEA), Possible Risk Before Pilot Implementation, Prioritization Using RPN, Risk Management System, Risk Treatment Plan, Pilot Implementation, Concept of Pilot, Scale & Scope, Validation of Improvement Using Various Hypothesis Test (Paired T Test, Mann Whitney Test, 2 Variance Test / 2 Standard Deviation Test, 2 Proportion Test), Box Plot & Histogram, Explain Full Scale Implantation, Validation of Improvement Against Project Goal Statement Using (1 Sample T Test, 1 Sample Z Test, 1 Sample Sign Test, 1 Sample Wilcoxon 1 Proportion Test), Measurement System Analysis for Improved Process.

Black Belt Day 8 – Control – 8 Hrs

Understand and Explain on How to Validate Process Performance Sustainability Using Statistical Process Control, Statistical Quality Control, Common Cause Variation, Special Cause Variation, Types of Special Cause Variation, Control Charts for Continuous (I-MR, X-R, X-S), Control Chart for Discrete (C, U, NP & P) Charts, Describe and Explain Risk Assessment Using FMEA (PFMEA, DFMEA), Possible Risk Before Pilot Implementation, Prioritization Using RPN, Risk Management System & Risk Treatment Plan, Design Control Plan for Performance Stability Which Include Defining Activity, Frequency of Activity, Responsible Person & Escalation Matrix and Communication Plan, Apply Lean Tools to Sustain Performance (Poke-Yoke) & 5 S Perform, Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) For Overall Project Investment, Overall Return for Short Term and Long Term, Project Documentation, Train Employees in New Process, Communicate Using A3 Tools, Handover to Department Manager, Celebration –Project Benefit Celebration for Project Team And Respective Department to Encourage Continuous Improvement Culture

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